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House rendering – rendering exterior walls in Tunbridge Wells

House rendering – rendering exterior walls in Tunbridge Wells Rendering the exterior walls of your home is important, it not only gives your home a brand new look but it also protects it from the outside elements, specifically water and damp. Rendering is the application of a mixture of sand […]

Semi-detached house – home extension ideas Maidstone

Semi-detached house – home extension ideas Home owners that live in a semi-detached home and are looking for more space – a home extension is the perfect solution. Home extensions will add that much needed living space without having to move house.  Home extensions are less expensive than moving house […]

Bathroom extension – extension builders Maidstone

Is your bathroom small? Is it hard to move around in? Do you have space inside or outside your home that is empty and useless? Perhaps the answer you are looking for is a bathroom extension. A bathroom extension can make use of empty space and provide you the space […]

Above garage room extension in East Grinstead

A popular home extension is an above the garage room extension. This is a great option to take advantage of open space. It creates a larger living space without sacrificing green space in your yard. However, chances are you will require planning permission. It is more effective than building a […]

Attic extensions Tunbridge Wells

Do you need more living space? Is your attic empty and idle? Then perhaps the perfect solution for your space problems is an attic extension or attic conversion. What to consider for your attic extension? When deciding on an attic extension there are a number of things that you should […]

Conservatory building – conservatory builders in Tonbridge

All across the UK it is popular to have a conservatory attached to your house or as a single property in your backyard. A conservatory is a room that consists of a glass roof and walls. A conservatory can be used as a sun-room, a greenhouse or when constructed properly […]

Garage conversion into a home gym – what to consider?

Most of us are busy with work, relationships, kids and so much more, that there is barely anytime for fitness. While we want to be fit and try to remain healthy and in good shape it can be a challenge with our busy lifestyles. No one wants to spend time […]


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