Types of Loft extensions in Tunbridge Wells

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When you decide to extend or convert your loft, what you may not know there are five types of conversions. Each loft extension type is better suited for one space or another and each has its own set of benefits. Down below we have a list of different loft extensions and how they are different from each other. Check it out, in order to make the proper decision for your property.

What are the different loft extension types?

Roof light loft conversion

Believe it or not, this type of loft conversion does not add space to your home. It only adds natural daylight to your home. This type of conversion adds windows to your roof or walls, giving you so much needed light. This is one of the least expensive conversions and easily approved by building regulation authorities.

Dormer loft conversion

This is the most popular type of loft extension. It has a simple straight and flat roof. Your loft will gain a square shape. This type of extension does not require any drastic changes to your existing property. Some benefits of this type of loft is lots of headspace, good lighting and ventilation, along with being inexpensive. However, some people may find it less appealing to look at then others.

Hip-to-gable loft conversion

If you live in a detached, single family home then this loft extension is for you! This extension typically comes off the terrace or extends from your home into the backyard. This conversion can be combined with a dormer conversion to achieve maximum space. Additionally, it is suitable for single storey homes like bungalows. Lastly, if your neighbours do not have this type of extension, your home may stand out and look a bit imbalanced in comparison.

Mansard loft conversion

This conversion is generally used if you are living in a duplex and are sharing a wall and roof with your neighbours. Generally you are raising the parting wall with your neighbour and this extension is typically installed at the back of the home.This loft conversion is more pleasing to the eye, blends well with the remaining parts of your home and allows more light into your new space. A con of this type of extension is construction is a longer process and it is also more expensive.

Modular extension loft conversion

A modular extension loft is very unique, all elements are built offsite in a factory and delivered to your home by lorries once everything is completed. However, this type of extension requires that the existing roof that is on your home is completed removed to make space for this addition. Once the addition is added then a new roof is installed. This is one of the more expensive extensions and each part requires approval. This loft extensions are considered Eco-friendly because it is built to exact specifications and leaves very little waste. They can be restrictive in what they can offer and the construction is heavily reliant on external factors such the weather. Poor weather conditions can slow down your construction process.

So there are many different types of loft conversions to consider when wanting to create a new space. No matter which one you choose, it will meet your needs and allow you to extend your home in a modern and creativity way.

How much does a loft extension cost?

Loft extension costs vary depending on which type of loft extension our client wants done and the size of the loft extension. Our loft extension contractors come onsite do measurements and custom designs. We provide an estimation based on your needs and requirements.

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