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In the UK it is popular to have a conservatory attached to your house. A conservatory is a room with glass roofing and walls, it can be used as a sun-room or a greenhouse. It is usually attached to single family home on one side of the building. Conservatories in UK are generally easy to design and are very versatile. They are inexpensive, additionally the balance out inside and outdoor space.

What to take into consideration when planning a conservatory?

A conservatory is another great way to add space to your home without building an entire extension. When it is properly built it can add value to your home and serve you for many years. When you are designing your conservatory, you want to keep in mind that it needs to have proper heating and ventilation. One issue that many people have when they build a sun-room is it is left empty for many months out of the year. In the summer it may be too hot and uncomfortable to sit in, while in the winter on the other hand it is too cold to sit in. The point of a conservatory is to have extra space to live in, not a furniture filled space that you do not use.

What are some functions of a conservatory?

Our conservatory builders can offer you a variety of ideas how to use your brand new space. A conservatory can be used as many different rooms. You can use your conservatory as a recreation room, a dining room, a green room, a sun-room, a guest bedroom or even an office. This place is multi-functional and a huge asset when designed properly.

What types of conservatories are there?

There are four types of conservatories:

  • Lean to conservatory

  • Victorian conservatory

  • Edwardian conservatory

  • P- shaped conservatory

  • T-shaped conservatory

  • Lantern conservatory

How much does a conservatory building cost?

Conservatory building costs vary depending on what our client wants done. Our conservatory building contractors come onsite do measurements and custom designs. We provide an estimation based on your needs and requirements.


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