Exterior home rendering services

Improve the exterior appearance of your home by rendering your external walls. Our house rendering services provide you with many options in terms of the type of the rendering, furthermore, rendering can come in various colours or be painted over. House rendering will suit contemporary and traditional homes. Exterior home rendering is an excellent way to make your home stand out and give it a unique look. 

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External walls rendering services include the following: 

  • Full property rendering
  • Patch repairs 
  • Part house rendering 
  • Weatherproof rendering
  • Applying covering to a wall using a machine
  • Adding colour to rendering or applying a self-coloured rendering 

Detached house exterior wall rendering

Why should I render the external walls of my property?

There are many reasons you should consider rendering the exterior walls of your property. The first reason is it makes your home look more aesthetically pleasing. Rendering tends to improve the look of your home. Your property may be an older building, however once you add rendering it will give it a face-lift. The next reason to render your property is it minimises damp and water ingress. Exposed brick and other building materials can lead to damp, mould and other damages. However, please note if you have damp issues contact an expert before applying rendering. Lastly, another reason to render your home is it will add insulation. It will improve thermal control and performance. Rendering will help keep your property cool in the summer and warmer in the winter time.

Small home with creamy wall rendering

What are the different types of render?

There are five types of render, each of which has its own benefits and may be better suited from some properties than others.

Acrylic rendering

It is an inexpensive form of rendering and can create really vibrant colours. However, in some cases it is not as breathable as other forms of rendering. This can be problematic for some homes.

Lime rendering

Lime rendering is typically applied in 2 or 3 coats. Each coat is applied to serve a different purpose. The first coat is applied typically on brickwork, it is the base and has to set properly for the following coats to be applied properly. The second coat of lime rendering is usually used to ensure a smooth surface. The final has a similar goal like the second coat, to leave an even surface.  

Silicone rendering 

This is the most expensive option, however it provides a lot of advantages. It is self cleaning and the most breathable option of the three. It is important to remember that this type of rendering can only be installed during the summer as it needs warmer temperatures to be able to dry.

Cement rendering 

Cement rendering is a popular option for home rendering, not only on exterior walls but also inside the home. Cement rendering is cost effect, looks good and is long lasting. 

Monocouche rendering 

Monocouche rendering allows for pigmentation to be added directly to the the rendering solution. Monocouche rendering can be applied by hand or by machine. It’s key benefit is that you only need one coat.  Monocouche rendering also has other benefits such as: 

  • Durable 
  • Easy to apply  
  • Different finishes such as: Scrape Render or Scratch Render 

Street with exterior rendered homes

Should I choose  self-coloured rendering?

Self-coloured rendering will allow you to save time and money on painting costs, because rendering that is already self-coloured will not require a paint job at the end. Additionally. self-coloured rendering is a very low maintenance render, you most likely, will not have to paint it for 25 to 30 years. Self-coloured rendering may initially cost more, but in the long run will save you money and is a great investment, not to mention is will boost the curb appeal of your property. 

How much does house rendering cost?

The cost to render a house is usually calculated per meter squared. For a more accurate price contact our home rendering contractors via phone or email.

Some factors that are taken into consideration when estimating cost, include the following items: 

  • The size of the surface 
  • The current condition of the wall 
  • Access – are the walls easy to access or are there obstacles that need to be taken into consideration & managed 
  • Weather – certain times of the year & climate is better suited for rendering the external walls of your home. 
  • Type of rendering you decided to use 


FAQ: External wall rendering contractor


Can you patch and repair existing rendering? 

Yes, we can patch and repair existing rendering on your home. 


What surfaces are suitable for rendering? 

Our team of experts can render most surfaces, some of which include: brick, stone, block, previously painted renders etc. 


Will go over existing wall rendering cause damp problems? 

When going over existing wall rendering, we use breathable renders to prevent this from happening. 


What external wall render finishes are available in terms of colour and texture? 

For a full list & samples of our render colours and finishes, please contact us. We would be happy to assist you. 


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