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Nowadays, most people have a garage and unfortunately it is unused space. A small number of people actually use their garage as a parking space while others use it as storage. However, if you are like many people and have a garage that is empty then you may think of converting your garage into a brand new space. Converting your garage into new usable space is less expensive then building an home extension and it can be less time consuming. This is an excellent option if you need more living space but you don’t want a huge hassle.

What do you need to know before deciding to do a garage conversion?

So there are a few things that you need to know before deciding to convert your garage into a brand new space. The first that you need to consider is that in some areas parking space is more important than living space. So if you ever decide to sell your property and you live in an area where parking space is limited then you may want to hold onto that garage. However if this is not the case, converting your garage adds value to your home and is less expensive than many other home extension or conversion projects. Another thing clients need to remember, just like any other construction projects, converting your garage can take time and be a long process, its not something that can happen overnight and this is definitely something to consider before starting the process. Also, keep in your mind that your garage may not be suitable to convert to living space depending on the way it was built.

How much will your garage conversion cost?

In the UK generally the cost of garage conversion is quoted per square meter. This price can range anywhere from £1000 and more. However, you need to also take into consideration design costs that start from around £1200. Additionally, you have account for the fee that the structural engineer will charge to sign off on the project that is up to UK building regulation standards. Based on these numbers or the ones that are quoted to you by our team of professional garage extension contractors you can calculate the total cost plus leave some extra money for any extra expenses. Please note to add VAT to your costs because the may not be included.

What are some ways to use your new space?

  • Add more kitchen space

  • A new living space

  • An office

  • Use it as room to home your hobby – for example: as home cinema or a man cave

  • Home gym

  • A play room for your kids

  • An extra bedroom or a guest room

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