Kitchen extensions in Tunbridge Wells

Magnolia Home company has the most qualified professionals that can enlarge your living space. We provide our clients with quality craftsmanship that will leave your home feeling refreshed and brand new.

We offer our kitchen extension services along with many other building and renovation services in Tunbridge wells.

When you have enough backyard space, you may consider extending your kitchen. When extending your kitchen into the yard you will add more space for cooking, eating and also a seating area for family gatherings. During this process you will add tiles, lighting, furniture, doors and so much more.

How to plan and design your kitchen extension?

So the first thing that you as a client have to ask yourself is what you want to achieve from your kitchen extension? What will you use the extra space for? Will be as extra room for cooking? Will be a dining area? Or perhaps a breakfast nook? This will help you narrow down what ideas and designs you want to look for and what elements need to be included. The next task is to schedule when you want to things to start happening. Make sure that this process is not a big disruption of your regular routine. This process can be long and be a bit inconvenient. Always have a budget and leave room in your budget for unexpected expenses. Talk with our highly qualified professionals about the cost of your kitchen extension. Then you can finally decide on the layout and other details. Planning your kitchen extension is one of the more exciting parts of the process. One last thing to keep in mind when planning your kitchen extension is to keep the rest of your home in mind. The design and style should not vary to much from the general look of your home. You want the space to look brand new but you want it to compliment the rest of your interior.

What are some ways you can maximise your space?

There are many ways you can maximise and use the full potential of your new space. One way to gain a lot of space and maximise the space that you can use is to extend with a side turn. This gives you more space and adds dimension. A big tip is to take advantage of colours. The use of certain colours can give the illusion that your space is a lot bigger than it actually is. Also when you use strong and bold colours you can bring extra light into your home. If you want to divide the space in your kitchen use an island or peninsula as a functional way to divide your cooking space and dining space. Another important hint is to plan your storage space wisely. It is better to have cupboards and drawers all in one defined space than all over the place. It is easier when it comes to functionality but also saves space for other things. Also consider hanging cupboards on the wall as close to the ceiling to gain space and leave less room for dust to gather. Additionally, you can build storage into your island , so that the space is also practical.

What are some kitchen extension essentials?

So you are wondering what to include in your newly converted kitchen, here is a list of must have items?

  • An island or peninsula

  • A storage unit

  • Walk-in larder

  • Dining area

  • Breakfast nook

  • A big american style fridge and freezer

  • A dishwasher

How much does a kitchen extension cost?

Kitchen extension costs vary depending on what our client wants done. Our kitchen extension contractors come onsite do measurements and custom designs. We provide an estimation based on your needs and requirements. 

We provide our clients with an abundance of services to satisfy their needs.

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