How to plan for my home extension in Kent?

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Are you considering getting a home extension in the Kent area? Are you unsure where to start? Do you want to know how to prepare and plan for your home extension? Keep reading to find out how to plan and prepare for your home extension. 

Steps to planning a home extension: 

  1. Brainstorm your plan 
  2. Determine a budget – make sure to set aside money for any unexpected expenses
  3. Figure out the best way to finance your build 
  4. Check and update your home insurance coverage 
  5. Research through local build authorities, if you require planning permission 
  6. Hire the right people – Hire us!
  7. Draw & Design your home extension plan 
  8. If required get planning permission 
  9. Make sure you meet building regulations – We can help you there!
  10. Lastly, consider whether during the time of renovation if it wouldn’t be better for you to move out temporarily, so that the home extension work can be done 


What are the stages of a home extension? 

Here is a list of stages that must be done before you can consider your home extension complete: 

  • Foundations 
  • Low – level work 
  • Walls – internal & external 
  • Windows & doors 
  • Gutters, pipes, wires & plumbing 
  • Knock through and plastering 
  • Lighting fixtures, switches & sockets 
  • Taps & connections 
  • Interior paint & decorating 

How long does a home extension really take? 

Each home extension has a different time line. Home extensions require a variety of different processes like mentioned above, therefore making it time consuming. Furthermore, depending on the size & complexity of your project it may take more or less time.  Additionally, it is also important to remember that during any renovations or upgrades unexpected things come up, that take up more time. 

Not all home extensions need planning permission

Many home extensions do not need to apply for planning permission from the local UK building authorities. Most home extensions options fall under the ‘permitted development’ which is changes that all homeowners are entitled to make to their property.

Generally speaking, you can schedule a home extension if you meet the following criteria:

  • Your home extension will not take up more than half the properties land space
  • The top of your home extension does not exceed the highest point of your current roof
  • Any home extension eaves are not higher than existing property eaves
  • The home extension is not built forward of the principal elevation or if its fronts road, the side elevation
  • The home extension does not include the following: a balcony, raised platform, or a veranda
  • There are no alterations being made to the existing roof
  • The home extension will not have a chimney, flue or vent pipe installed

How much does a home extension cost? 

The cost of a home extension will vary depending on your project. The price range for home extension construction projects is huge. Therefore, it is best to contact our experts & get an accurate price quote. 

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