What do I need to know about double storey home extensions?

Double storey home extensions are becoming more and more popular amongst home owners. A double storey home extension is a two storey extension that increases the size of your living space on two floors of your home. Therefore, you can gain space on the ground and upper level of your home. This type of extension creates the most space for your home, than other types of extensions.


What different types of double storey home extensions can be built?

Here are four types of double storey home extension can be built:

Wrap-around double storey extension

This type of double storey extension includes a side and rear house extension. This type of double storey extension is suitable for both detached or semi-detached homes.


Side return double storey extension

This type of extension uses the smallest amount of space. You can use the narrow space that exists on either side of your home without taking away from your garden space.

Double storey rear extension

This type of extension, expands your property to the back of your existing building. This is an excellent option for a terraced house. This type of home extension is suitable for detached and semi-detached homes.

Front double storey extension

This extension would be located at the front of your property. This type of home extension, is the least popular among our customers because it will change the look of your home. When considering this option, you have to be very careful about the details you are wanting to change. This is suitable for a detached property that has a front-house garden.  

Do I need planning permission for a double storey home extension?

You should always seek the advice a planning officer within your local building authority regarding whether or not you need planning permission for a double storey home extension.

However, it is important to note that you may need to comply with other building regulations that will apply.


Will a double storey home extension add value to my property?

To figure out whether adding a double storey home extension will add value to your property, look at other homes in your area that will be the same size once your renovation is done and what the property value is. This will give you a rough idea of what your property can gain in terms of value.


Is a double storey extension better than a single storey extension?

A double storey extension not only offers you more space but it also offers you more value for your money.

How much will a double storey extension cost?

The cost of a double storey extension will vary depending on project size and complexity.


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