Garage conversion – convert garage to living space in Crowborough

When you are looking for extra space an excellent option is to convert your garage into the space you need. Your garage can be transformed into any space that you need or image. If you want a gym space in your home, your garage could be the perfect place for it. If you need extra work space, than your garage could be transformed into an office. Also, if your family is expanding it can be turned into an apartment for adult children. Your garage can also be turned into a granny flat, if you have relatives that are getting older and need care but want to maintain their independence then perhaps a granny flat may be the perfect solution.

What can you convert your garage into?

There are many different options when looking to convert your garage into more liveable space. Some of those options include but are not limited too:

convert garage to living space


• convert garage to bedroom
• convert garage to apartment
• convert garage to living space
• convert garage to home cinema
• convert garage to office
• convert garage to gym
• convert garage to granny flat
• and so much more


What are the benefits of converting a garage into liveable space?

There are many benefits when converting your garage into liveable space, the first one you are extending your home. You don’t need to lay down new foundation or build new walls, which will save you a lot of money. Additionally, converting your garage you are able to use the existing electricity that is already roughed-in the walls. You may need to install new electrical wires but the basic things should already exist. The conversion of your garage into more liveable space will also boost the value of your home, however it is also important to keep in mind if you live in an area that parking space is limited than leaving the garage as a parking space will be a valuable asset when you decide to sell your home.

What is the cost to convert the garage?

The cost to convert your garage can range anywhere from £6550 to £13500 for your average home garage. This sum may seem large but when you compare that you a rear home extension when can start from £15 000 to £20 000 and go up, it really does save you a bundle.

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