Garage conversion into a home gym – what to consider?

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Most of us are busy with work, relationships, kids and so much more, that there is barely anytime for fitness. While we want to be fit and try to remain healthy and in good shape it can be a challenge with our busy lifestyles. No one wants to spend time in a long commute to get to their locate gym or pay those overly priced monthly gym memberships. A solution to these problems may be the construction of a home gym. You may consider converting your garage space into a fitness room.

What to think about when converting you garage into a home gym space?


If you are like most people, the garage tends to be used as storage. Most garages are not used as parking space like it was intended to be. Items that you don’t use, don’t need or don’t know where else to put end up in the garage. If you are thinking about adding a home gym chances are you will need to figure out another way to store your things whether that be hanging storage containers from the ceiling, dedicating a whole wall to storage or perhaps purchasing a storage unit. Your stuff will have to move to make room for gym equipment.

Flooring and electrical sockets

When converting your garage into a home gym you need the appropriate flooring along with the correct number of electrical outlets. Flooring and electrical services are best done by floor fitters and professionally certified electricians.


Another thing to think about is to allow yourself to have enough room to move around – give yourself adequate head, leg and arm space to move freely without worrying about injury.

Insulation and security

Once your home gym is built and you have all your gym equipment moved in, it is important to keep it safe and insulated. A garage door may not be enough, you may want to consider extra security alarms. Additionally, you may also want to consider extra insulation so that the cold weather does not damage the equipment.


While working out you can work up a sweat, therefore it is a good idea to consider ceiling fans, air conditioning or other forms of ventilation.

FAQ about having a home gym space

What is some gym equipment that I should look into purchasing?

Some gym equipment that you should consider purchasing for your home gym are as followed: training bench, pull-up bar, jump rope, kettle-bells, a medicine ball, a barbell, and much more.

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What pieces of equipment are most expensive?

Some of the most expensive pieces of home equipment include things such as a treadmill, stationary bike or even a rower. However, if you buy preowned you maybe able to lower your costs.

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