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Are you tired of your kitchen? Does it look outdated? Or perhaps it doesn’t match your lifestyle anymore? If any of this is true, than perhaps it is time to remodel your kitchen. Renovating your kitchen does not have to be a grandiose task, nor does it have to be expensive. We can provide you with a kitchen makeover on a budget. Our kitchen renovating and fitting services will not break the bank but it will give your kitchen a new life. You spend a lot of time in your kitchen, therefore you want it to not only be functional but also aesthetically pleasing. There are many ways you can refresh your kitchen and stick to your budget.

What parts of your kitchen can we renovate?

If you decide not to renovate your whole kitchen, you can consider to remodel only certain aspects of your kitchen such as:

Kitchen makeover

• Back-splash
• Flooring
• Plumbing
• Lights & Electrical
• Cabinets
• Appliances
• Installation
• Counter-top






What are some ways to renovate your kitchen on a budget?

There are a few ways we can renovate your kitchen on a budget. The first major tip is to stick to the existing layout of your kitchen, this will reduce the cost because you will not have to move plumbing and electricity that is built into your kitchen walls. Another way to save money on your kitchen renovation is to keep your old appliances if they are in good shape. In some cases your appliances only need to be cleaned and they will look good as new. Another way to refresh your kitchen and save some money is to apply a fresh coat of paint. It will clean up your walls and give your interior a new look. A few other things that you could do is replace your splash-back or counter top.

Is remodelling the kitchen a good investment?

When looking to sell your home, chances are the kitchen can make or break the sale. The kitchen is typically seen as the heart of your home. It is one room that we spend a lot of time in during our everyday routines. Most home buyers look for the kitchen to be functional and for appliances to work, that is usually top priority, so when looking to renovate just to sell, that is something to keep in mind. However, when renovating the kitchen to suit your lifestyle better, the aesthetics details may not be considered by any future home buyer, as much as you might think. That being said, if you are going to live in your home for many years it is best to pick options that will make you happy and enjoy spending time in your kitchen – cooking, baking and even entertaining guests.

Kitchen renovation

How much does it cost to remodel the kitchen?

The cost to remodel the kitchen varies depending on what you want done. Certain aspects of a kitchen make over will cost you more such as putting in new cabinets or appliances, these usually take up most of your kitchen makeover budget. However, things such as tiling, painting even flooring will cost less when renovating your kitchen.

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