Are home extensions worth it?

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Are you not entirely convinced that a home extension is worth it? We are here to help! Construction on your home is a significant investment, so before starting anything you want to make sure you consider all aspects.

Regardless of the reason you are considering a home extension whether it be you have a new baby on the way, a home full of teens, or perhaps you just need more space to relax, chances are a home extension is the right solution for you. Home extensions are a cost-effective away to modify and expand your living area.

Are house extensions worth it? What are the top benefits of a home extension?

To help you determine whether or not a home extension is the right solution for you, we have complied a list of the top 5 benefits.

Home extensions increase the value for your home

Building a home extension is a great way to add value to your home. Increasing the amount of living space is going to boost sale price. Potential home buyers will also be more likely to put a bigger down on the property, thus leaving you with a nice return on your investment.

Home extensions are an alternative to moving house

The cost of buying a property typically increases year after year, which means that moving house can be too expensive for some. Therefore, many home-owners are now looking for cost effective options to increase or modify their living space without making a move. A good option is building a home extension. Home extensions are generally, more cost effective. Furthermore, home extensions are less stressful than moving house. When moving house you have to house hunt, pack, move and finally unpack. Additionally, if you have children, moving may include changing schools and that can provide its own level of stress. Whereas, with a home extension, you need to only put up with construction for a few months. Additionally, any extra money can be used to decorate and furnish the extension, as opposed to spending all your money on moving.

Modify the design to meet your needs

Our team of home extension professionals will ensure to modify every component of your home extension to suit your needs. We modify and alter every aspect from windows, doors to the overall architectural structure in order to ensure that your home extension is exactly, how you want it. Our home extension team works with architects and designers to be able to provide you with a realistic drawing and model of what your new living space will look like before even starting construction. Our goal in providing you with these drawings is to allow you to make any alterations before building commences. We want our customers to be thrilled with the end result.

Not all home extensions need planning permission

Many home extensions do not need to apply for planning permission from the local UK building authorities. Most home extensions options fall under the ‘permitted development’ which is changes that all homeowners are entitled to make to their property.

Generally speaking, you can schedule a home extension if you meet the following criteria:

  • Your home extension will not take up more than half the properties land space
  • The top of your home extension does not exceed the highest point of your current roof
  • Any home extension eaves are not higher than existing property eaves
  • The home extension is not built forward of the principal elevation or if its fronts road, the side elevation
  • The home extension does not include the following: a balcony, raised platform, or a veranda
  • There are no alterations being made to the existing roof
  • The home extension will not have a chimney, flue or vent pipe installed

For more information about planning permission contact us or your local building authorities

Home extensions provide additional living space

The biggest and most sought after benefit of a home extension is additional living space. A home extension is perfect if you are beginning to outgrow your property and are looking to avoid moving house.

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