Plaster-boarding walls & ceiling services

If you are looking to hire a professional team of plaster board installers, then you have come to the right place. Plaster boards can be installed for the construction of interiors walls along with as your ceiling. Our experts specialise in both.

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Plaster boarding installation & fitting services include:

  • The application of a plaster coating to the surface of the wall or ceiling
  • Skimming – which is the process of applying a finishing coat to make the surface smooth
  • Installing plasterboard to the wall or the ceiling
  • Rendering (where applicable) 


Waterproof plastering

We provide waterproofing for plastering during the time of construction. It is important that the proper waterproofing compound is applied when mixing plaster.

Furthermore, there are plasterboard’s that are waterproof, that we can recommend to our customers before beginning the installation process.  


What is the cost of plaster boarding installation services?

The cost of plaster boarding installation depends on the size of your project. If you would like an accurate estimate of costs please contact us.


What is the cost of hiring our team of plaster board experts?

To find out more about the cost of hiring our plaster board experts, contact us today.


Why should I choose a professional plasterboard installers?

When you choose our team of professional plasterboard installers, you save yourself time and money in the future. All of our plasterboard installers have a significant level of experience and knowledge to do the job properly. We pride ourselves on providing our customers with top quality work to guarantee 100% satisfaction.


Plaster board fitters near me:

Our plaster board fitters, offer their services from local customers in areas such as Tunbridge Wells, Kent, London, Royal Tunbridge Wells, Sevenoaks, Sevenoaks District, Tonbridge, Crowborough, East Grinstead, Maidstone, Maidstone District, Paddock Wood and many more.


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